Wedding Wednesday: Three Things Every Groom Needs To Know [Episode 51]

Whether you are an incredibly hands-on groom or you’re the type to let your Other Half do the planning and you’ll just show up on the day… there are still some key things a groom needs to know!

Every couple is different, so we’ll lay out three important things that you will need to know. 

A HUGE thank you to Brian from All Suits, David from Louis Copeland and Melanie from Instanza for sharing their expert tips in this episode!



1. Suits

How to choose groomsmen’s suits that flatter all the men

Brian from All Suits shares:

Dark suits are best for groomsmen, especially those who aren’t used to wearing a suit.

How about choosing something different for the groom to wear so he stands out? Something like a light grey suit for the groom and the darker suits for the groomsmen. 


Groom’s suit and how to stand out from the groomsmen

David from Louis Copeland and Sons shares:

Easiest way – wear something different to the groomsmen. 

Complement each other, not necessarily match. 

Tuxedos – groom wears a three piece tuxedo and the groomsmen wear a two piece! At the end, he’ll be the only one in a waistcoat which will help him to stand up. 

Groom wears a contrasting waistcoat and groomsmen wear a different shade. 


2. Wedding party

Chances are, your besties have been cheering you on and supporting you throughout your relationship, engagement and now your wedding. Take the time to thank them for the role they’ve played on your wedding day and in your life!

A few thank you gift ideas for the groomsmen

  • Something they can use on the day – a classy overnight bag for a weekend wedding, manly skincare products. 
  • Something they can wear on the day – fun socks, a really nice tie or cufflinks. 
  • Something most men would find useful – a wallet, sunglasses. 
  • Something you know they’ll enjoy – whiskey or beer, hot sauce or a good book. 

Gift-giving tips

  • Buy them each something unique! It’s more expensive and takes more time but they’ll feel so much more special getting an individual gift that you’ve taken the time to think about. 
  • Buy something they’ll actually love or use! Don’t get something that will end up in the bin or at the back of their cupboard. 
  • Make your gift personal – something engraved or monogrammed, or even with a handwritten note!


3. The wedding speech

How to make the groom’s speech memorable

Melanie from Instanza shares:

Plan it well in advance – 6-8 weeks before the wedding, start thinking about your speech! 

If you aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with Melanie!

Practice, stand in front of the mirror, take a voice recording, become really familiar with it. 

The day before the wedding, print a copy for yourself and print a second copy as a backup (give it to your best man). 

On the day, take it easy on the drink, save the shots until after the speech. When you start to talk, just talk to the back wall until you’ve settled. Take a moment, be yourself, be sincere, and relax!


What should a groom cover in his speech?

There are two key elements to a good groom’s speech

  • Thanking everyone
  • Talking about his new spouse

People to thank

  • Anyone who made the wedding day special (suppliers who are present, friends and family who contributed financially or did other things like help set up, do special readings, the ushers)
  • Your new family 
  • Your actual family
  • The wedding party

Take the time to talk about your new spouse

  • Take note of the things you love about them
  • Talk about how amazing they look
  • Share something special and meaningful about your relationship
  • Keep it lighthearted and don’t be afraid to show emotion! 


In summary:

Don’t forget about arranging awesome suits for yourself and your groomsmen. 

Take time to thank your groomsmen by giving them a thoughtful gift. 

Create and deliver a memorable wedding speech! 

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