Wedding Wednesday: Your Newlywed Checklist – What To Do After ‘I Do’ [Episode 45]

Now that you’ve wrapped up your wedding, there are a few more essentials left to do. Here’s our newlywed checklist, and we bet there are a few things on it you didn’t think about. Get them done sooner rather than later, and when you finish, sit back and relax, because your newly wedded life is off to a great start!


Send Thank You Cards

This is first on our checklist for newlyweds, because it’s probably going to be the most time consuming of all the tasks. If you’re doing a wedding photo card, then ask your photographer how soon the photos will be ready. Then you can order your own cards from a stationery supplier, or get your own printed online.

When? Old etiquette says you have up to a year. But really, you should do it as soon as possible, preferably when you return from your honeymoon.

Who gets thank you cards? Well, everyone who had something to do with the wedding, or gave a gift, cash, donation, etc. Which will technically be pretty much everyone. 


Leave Reviews

Leave positive comments for suppliers and if they really impressed you, send them thank you cards too. It helps every business to be publicly congratulated on the great job they did. What about negative comments, you ask? It’s best to speak to the company first, before you post anything online. They deserve a chance to make things right. More things get resolved by talking than by leaving an unpleasant online comment.


Deal With Leftover Decor

You can list it in the HIGM PreLoved Group if you’d like to make back a few euros. You can also donate it to charity. Don’t leave it for too long, because if you always put it off until ‘tomorrow’, it’ll end up in the boot of your car for months.


Return Gifts

Even in today’s mega communicative world, some couples still get three toasters they didn’t ask for. As long as they’re in the original packaging and you know where they came from, the store will very likely take them back in exchange for another item or store credit. But don’t wait too long to do this, the sooner the better! All stores have a return time limit.



Close your wedding website or blog. Especially if you’re paying for it! Same goes for your online gift list, if you have one.


Wedding Dress

Decide what to do with the wedding dress.If you’re going to keep it, then it’s pretty important to have the dress professionally cleaned and stored.

Some couples choose to have the dress made into a christening gown for their first baby. Or if you’re looking to give your dress a new home, our Facebook Group HIGM also have a Preloved Wedding Stuff page where you can buy and sell preloved wedding dresses. 

Do a bit of research first and see what similar gowns sold for, so you can list for an attractive price. 

Or you can donate your gown to charity – a beautiful gesture that will make a future bride on a tight budget very happy.



Update all insurance policies. If you hold any coverage separately or together, you may have to update a new surname, or add your new spouse to the policy so they can administer it. 

Don’t presume it will all be fine because you’re married. This is also a good time to ask if you can save some money! 

For example, a joint car insurance policy plus a property policy from one insurance company could cost far less than separate policies scattered over different companies.


Tackle the finances

First, decide if you are going to have a joint account for everything, or just for bills, or for savings. Open bank accounts as needed. Then, decide who will be in charge of taking care of bills and set it all up. Finally, make sure all the bills are joint so that you’re authorised to discuss it with the company if there’s an issue – you won’t be able to if your name isn’t on it. Same with internet, rent and insurance. Finally, make sure you are taking advantage of relevant tax breaks as a married couple– check governmental information online.



Start thinking about your 1st anniversary. Too soon, you say? Not at all! Time flies, and besides, it’s a wonderful thing to look forward to. We highly recommend checking with your wedding venue whether they offer any discounted getaway packages for anniversary couples. Or, think about a special place you’d like to visit together. The 1st anniversary is paper, so plane tickets might just be the perfect gift. 

And don’t forget to tuck into the top tier of your wedding cake.


Changing your surname?

If you’re taking your other half’s name, go ahead and start using it. Currently, there’s nothing you need to do in Ireland to switch to a new surname. 

However, when it comes to banks and other entities, you have to follow their procedures. Most will only ask to see your marriage certificate as confirmation (but some may ask for official copies). 

Remember to also change your name at work for correspondence purposes, email, and tax documents too.

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