Wedding Wednesday: Planning Your Wedding Morning Timeline [Episode 43]

Do you want to wake up at 5:00 on your wedding day? Didn’t think so! So how do you make sure that the whole wedding party, both sets of parents, and the couple are all ready by the time guests are seated? 

A wedding morning timeline will ensure that everybody is ready and that you all feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for the best day of your life!


So here, it is; expert tips on how to plan your wedding morning timeline so you aren’t frazzled, stressed or late for your own wedding. A timeline will allow your hairstylist, makeup artist and photographer to work their magic for you so give them plenty of time!

All weddings are unique, so your wedding morning timeline will look different to another couple’s timeline. The timing below will be determined by a number of factors. 

First, how many bridesmaids do you have? Will your hairstylist and makeup artist do their hair and makeup or will they do their own? Is anybody else getting their hair and makeup done with you, such as your mam or your partner’s mam? Will the hairstylist or makeup artist have an assistant with them?

The order

First up, you need to work out what order everything needs to take place in. We recommend the bride gets her makeup done first, and while this is happening, one of the bridesmaids is getting her hair done. This way, by the time the photographer arrives for ‘getting ready’ photos, you’ll feel confident, fresh-faced and ready to be photographed. 

Next up, the bride gets her hair done. It’s important that the bride’s hair and makeup takes priority. Bridal styles are the most time-consuming, but they are top priority. If anything takes longer than usual, having the bride first in line means that you can adjust the rest of the wedding morning timeline. 

Speak with your hairstylist and makeup artist to get an idea of how long each of these will take on the day.

Wedding morning photos

Set aside some time to have some ‘getting ready’ photos in the morning. You’ll want some lovely photos with each of your girls and some detail shots too. We recommend speaking with your photographer about the timing of this. Your photographer may request that people are dressed and ready or that accessories are ready and laid out. Planning ahead will save you time so you aren’t wasting time setting up for these shots.

Other time-consuming activities

The key is to keep in mind that some tasks will take a lot longer than you think. Eating together, getting dressed, putting on your veil. These activities all take time, so make a list of anything and everything you want to get done. 

Don’t forget to eat and drink! I know what you’re thinking… “I’m a grown adult and I know how to feed myself”, but trust us, food will be the last thing on your mind. So add that to your list and make eating and hydrating a priority.

Factor in some time to yourself. You may want to wake up a little earlier, have a shower and just enjoy the fact that it’s your wedding day.

Add it all up

Now, you should know how much time you need for your wedding morning timeline, so add it up. 

And then add one more hour. This one hour buffer is great if someone is running late, your hair or makeup takes a lot longer than planned, or something unexpected comes up. 

Once you’ve done the maths, you should know what time you need to begin. If this time is ridiculously early, find out if your hairstylist or makeup artist could bring along an assistant. This will cut your time in half!

Let everyone know

And the sooner, the better. Tell your wedding party what time you’d like them to arrive, as well as what they should bring with them. They’ll need to coordinate their own travel plans, babysitters and so on, so give them as much notice as you can.

Now, it’s time for you to go and get married! Enjoy your Big Day and take it all in.

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