Five Wedding Photography Tips For Great Photos!

Not everyone loves having their photo taken, even on their wedding day! Find out how to have the best wedding photographs with these five helpful tips… 

1. Choose your photographer for them, not their price

Of course, we’re not saying you should book a photographer who is a million miles from your budget, but please don’t choose the cheapest option – you may live to regret your choice. On your wedding day your photographer will be with you for 10-12 hours, so getting along with them is paramount. Choose the photographer who you get along with and whose previous work you love. If they are over your preferred budget try cutting in another area to accommodate. 

2. Book a photographer who knows the area and your wedding location 

Most photographers will try their best to ensure you are present for as much of the day as possible, in other words not missing for a long time having your photos taken! Choosing a photographer who knows the local area and photography hotspots, and also the locations around your reception venue will lead to a much smoother day. 

3. Have your family photos taken straight after the ceremony 

Save time and any potential stress of running around finding family members by having your official family photos taken straight after the ceremony. It’s a good idea to let all those in your extended family they will be needed for the photos, and ask your officiant to announce a little reminder towards the end of the ceremony that family photos will be taken straight away. I’ve watched many bridal parties walk out the main door and scoot around in through the back door to have their photos taken! 

4. Consider a second shooter if you have the option 

A second shooter is literally just that, a second photographer on the day. Lots of photographers offer a second shooter as an add on to their packages. The main benefits of a second shooter is a whole other set of wedding photos from a different perspective – double the fun! 

5. Print those photos and take the album! 

A simple tip but one that will bring you so much joy. There’s no fun in having a USB hidden away in a drawer with amazing photos never seeing the light of day. If you photographer offers an album option take it if your budget allows, you will never regret spending an hour on a dreary January smiling as you look back on your magical day! 

(Image: DK Photo)
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