WOL Helps: Should I Invite My Work Colleagues?

This year at WeddingsOnline we are super excited to help you, not only plan the practicalities of you wedding but also help guide you through some of the tricker subjects. From beating wedding day nerves, to the dos and don’ts of wedding speeches, we’re on hand to offer advice and guidance. 

Today we’re chatting about the guest list, and whether you should or shouldn’t invite your workmates. 

Wedding guest lists can grow and grow, very easily – they are the one thing that can get out of hand if you don’t keep a close eye! There are so many people who have made an impact in you and your partners lives, that really deserve an invite. On the other hand, there are those who you feel you need to invite, but maybe you don’t feel as close to them. So where do you draw the line? 

Who will get an invite…

When working out your guest list, your work colleagues should be considered. You do see them most days of your working week after all! You definitely don’t have to invite every single company employee though! 

Most couples will want to invite some of their workmates, but don’t feel pressured into inviting lots just because your wedding day is the hot topic around the lunch table! Being realistic and looking at your relationships in terms of ‘closeness’ is a good way of working out who will and won’t get an invite. In simple terms if you see and chat with them outside of the walls of work, they deserve an invite. But if your office life doesn’t spill out into everyday life, keep those invites for other family and friends. 

Be discreet…

Whether it’s only one guest, or a few, being discreet is key and hopefully avoid any awkwardness with those not invited. Try not to spend every break chatting about your day, of course you are excited but it could lead to a little office whisperings that aren’t needed! Be sure to let those invited know if Plus Ones are included or not. On the day itself it’s a good idea to seat guests together in their natural friendship groups, so you will likely seat your colleagues together. 

Do it your way… 

There are no hard and fast rules on inviting your boss or work colleagues, it’s a personal decision that only you will know the answer to. Think carefully and choose wisely, and don’t be coaxed in to offering anyone an invite that you’d rather weren’t sharing your special day with you. Good luck! 

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