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Ford Model-A Bride – Vintage Brides

Model A Ford convertible with Just Married sign on back and tin cans tied to the bumper.
Model A Ford convertible ready for the Bridal couple’s get away

Have you thought about having a 1930s-themed wedding? This mock-wedding might give you some ideas. It took place at the Model-A Days Show in Sharon, WI.

The Model A Ford convertible that will take the happy couple on their Honeymoon sits waiting, with a “Just Married” sign on back and the traditional tin cans tied to the back of the car. The tin cans will make noise letting everyone around that this couple just got married. Both the sign and tin cans were typically used in the 1930s.

Model A Fords lined up on the street  for the Model A Days Car Show in Sharon, Wisconsin.
Model A Day Car Show in Sharon, WI

Bridal Gown

1930s bride in sleeveless white sheet lace dress with V-neckline with small lace ruffles and wide white cumberbund.
Bodice of Bridal Gown

The bride wears a simple, sleeveless dress of white sheet lace over a solid white fabric. There are small lace ruffles along the neckline, arm holes, and on the straight skirt. At her waistline is a gathered white fabric that ties in a bow at the back.

Skirt of bridal gown of sheet lace with wide ruffle at bottom and two small ruffles for decoration.
Bottom of Bridal Gown

The skirt of the bridal gown is fairly straight with a deep ruffle at the bottom and 2 rows of small lace ruffles.

Bridal Veil & Cap

Bridal cap of large flowers embroidered on sheer net with net veil attached at back.
Bridal veil and cap
Bride standing in long white dress, bridal cap with long veil, and holding four yellow long-stemmed roses.
Bridal veil and cap and Bridal Bouquet of yellow roses

On her head, the bride wears a cap made out of sheet lace with the long veil attached to the back. Small caps made of netting or sheet lace were very popular during the 1930s. They were inexpensive and easy to make. She also carries 4 long-stemmed roses for a bouquet.

Walk Down the Aisle

Father of the Bride walks bride down aisle with car show spectators watching.
Bride being walked down the aisle by her father

The wedding vows were exchanged in the white gazebo decorated with a garland of greens and flowers in Sharon’s city park. The bride was escorted down the aisle to the waiting groom and best man by her father.

Groom & Best Man

Groom in grey double breasted suit and Best Man in grey pants with suspenders, red and white striped shirt with white collar and red tie and grey fedora.
Model A Groom and Best Man

The groom is wearing a 1930s grey double-breasted suit. The best man is decked out in a red and white striped shirt, grey trousers with suspenders and a grey fedora.

Uncle of the Bride

Man in brown suit jacket and brown fedora holding shotgun.
Uncle of the Bride making sure the Groom doesn’t get away

Of course, there was the Uncle of the bride with his shotgun to make sure the groom didn’t back out.

After the I Dos

Bride and Groom sitting in back seat of Model A Ford convertible.
The happy couple in their Model A Ford convertible

On to the Honeymoon

Model A Ford convertible with Just Married sign on back driving off with Bride and Groom in back seat.
The happy couple on to their Honeymoon

After the wedding, the bride and groom left in a Ford Model-A convertible with a “Just Married” sign on the back.

This was a mock-wedding staged to entertain the audience at the Model-A Days show. This couple actually married the weekend before this show. Does this inspire you to plan a 1930s-themed wedding?

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