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Global 20 Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report for 2021 July 23rd

This Hunky Vape Global 20 Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report for 2021 July 23rd.reveals who is actually pulling the puppet strings regarding tobacco harm legislation and tobacco control policy around the world. From Black Market Cigarettes to Global Tobacco Market share all of these influence policy and explain why the consumer driven vaping industry isn’t able to make any headway despite science proving it’s safety and efficacy. China Tobacco owns 44% of the global market! Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids is also busted meddling with Mexico’s President. Canada’s nicotine cap and impending flavor ban is also covered. As well as science from around the world showing the potential life saving from adopting harm reduction policies universally.

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00:00 Global 20 Vaping News Science and Advocacy Report for 2021 July 23rd Introduction
00:20 Oligarchy Countries, With Examples From History and Today
01:40 PMI plans to Unsmoke the World
03:55 Tobacco giant Philip Morris blasts critics of drug deal with Vectura
04:30 China employs Postgraduates for Cigarette Manufacturing
05:22 China 2030 Tobacco Control WHO FCTC
05:53 North Korea Buys Leaf Tobacco from China
06:30 Illegal Cigarette Trade Texas to South America
07:35 Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids BUSTED meddling in MEXICO
08:40 BAT Malaysia charts growth despite persistent tobacco black market and PMI gross profit
09:10 Troops Under 21 Tobacco Use Allowed?
09:50 Vaping Flavor Ban Prove Own Goal for Public Health Advocates
10:50 Banning E-Liquid Sweeteners Would be Catastrophic For Stop-Smoking Efforts
11:35 St. Albert joins Airdrie in support of five-per-cent tobacco tax
12:15 Electronic cigarettes, Canada europeanizes: Tpd model and flavor-ban in sight
13:02 From Bulgarea: Experts discuss strategies to stop and reduce the harm of smoking at an annual global forum in the US
13:50 E-Cigarette Summit US
14:12 Vaping while driving FINES
15:00 E-cigarettes and your life insurance policy
15:32 UK: NHS May be Giving Pregnant Women £400 Vouchers to Quit Smoking
16:05 From Jamaica: Scientists confront WHO’s stance on alternative smoking cessation devices
17:07 Nova Scotia Flavor Ban Is Increasing Smoking Rates
17:29 Nova Scotia Canada: Prescribed alcohol program
Vancouver decriminalise possession
18:12 Congress Federal Funding for Syringe Programs
18:46 What’s the Best Way to Protect Sex Workers? Depends on Whom You Ask.
20:12 Karen Awareness Day
21:08 A Magic Bullet? The Potential Impact of E-Cigarettes on the Toll of Cigarette Smoking
22:15 South Africa Ban Increased Black Market
23:14 42 percent drop in Japan’s smoking rate viewed as model for Asia
25:45 Study cigarette butts release toxic substances
26:50 Aspire Files for $161 million and then $120 Million US IPO
28:05 GeekVape and PSG Team Up For ‘Geek Up!’
28:20 Geek Vape subsidiary of QISITECH


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