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Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e19

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In this episode of the Hunky Vape Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e19 there is so much to cover it can’t be summarized.

00:00 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e19 Introduction
00:26 Hong Kong e-cigarette ban reduces air export volumes 10%
Hong Kong airfreight volumes hit by e-cigarette transhipment restrictions
04:10 Scientists discover how air pollution may trigger lung cancer in never-smokers
07:40 Warning to vapers as scientists raise alarm over potential ‘new wave’ of cancer
10:10 Gov. Dunleavy vetoes Alaska tax on vaping and increase to minimum tobacco purchase age
13:25 Global overview of e-cigarette waste recycling: major companies have announced recycling measures
16:08 Philip Morris International Announces Appointment of Two Former U.S. FDA Officials, Highlighting the Company’s Continued Commitment to Smoke-Free Product Science and Regulation
16:55 Philip Morris: More Profits Could Mean A Dividend Hike In September
17:50 Juul Labs creates online resource hub to aid responsible retailing
19:15 Arizona Youth Tobacco And Vaping Rates At Lowest Levels Recorded
19:38 Colorado Youth Tobacco And Vape Use Is At Record Lows, Despite Lawmakers’ Persistence In Banning Flavors
20:00 Vaping Petition Reaches 10,000 Signatures
24:05 NYS Police underage vaping operation in Oneida, Herkimer counties led to 10 arrests
26:22 3 Thai police suspended for soliciting bribes in e-cigarettes case
29:22 ROK Vape Regulation
Jung Yoo-seok “Adult smoker vaping conversion and youth access regulation at the same time”
32:35 The Philippines has introduced the grading of tobacco products according to the degree of health risk :: News
33:55 Russia Vape Regulation
36:17 Prohibition Is A Bad Way to Deal with Flavored Tobacco
37:35 Public health agencies – not judges – need to be promoting tobacco harm reduction
37:55 Vaping Industry News
New Drag, New Halo! VOOPOO DRAG New Products Released
38:22 VAPORESSO-The Red Dot Award-Winning Product XROS 2 unleashes 6 new colors
38:58 VAPORESSO’s New LUXE X Receives Positive Responses with Hundreds Lining up in UK and France
39:47 SMOORE Invited to Address FDA Industry Meeting
40:30 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e19 Conclusion
41:39 Hunky Vape Bloopers


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