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Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e18

On this episode of the Hunky Vape Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e18 we’ve got a bunch of international vaping news, a bunch of vape industry news and more common sense vape science.

00:00 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e18 Introduction
00:30 UK news New Prime Minister Liz Truss and Death of Queen Elizabeth II
02:25 China and other Vape Industry News
Only 21 days left! Inventory of the progress and implementation of various aspects of e-cigarette supervision during the transition period
116 new companies have obtained certificates! A total of 306 companies have obtained e-cigarette production licenses
FDA updates synthetic nicotine application progress: 1 million received, 800,000 rejected
04:55 AVM: FDA Misreports PMTA Acceptance Numbers
06:05 True Warning Labels for Smokers and Vapers
09:35 Death toll in China’s Sichuan earthquake rises to 86
10:30 Vape Industry response to 6.8 Earthquake
Smol donated 1 million yuan to help Luding earthquake relief
Onewin donated 100,000 yuan to the Luding disaster area
SMOK donated RMB 100,000 to Luding disaster area
11:30 Big Tobacco and Big Pharma only cares about money
RJ Reynolds ordered to pay Altria $95.2 million for e-cigarette patent infringement
Reynolds Tobacco to pay Altria $95 million in e-cigarette patent dispute
14:38 Vaping Promotes Smoking Cessation — More Data From The UK
15:55 Teens Are More Likely To Try E-Cigarettes If Their Parents Smoke
17:02 Vapes shouldn’t be banned to be a tobacco-free country: Speakers
—–► Save Vaping, Save Bangladesh Webinar —–
17:57 New Vaping laws planned for South Africa
19:25 More than $1 million worth of illegal e-cigarettes seized in Melbourne’s southeast
22:17 Thailand to apply alcohol tax to non-alcoholic beer
26:28 Dairy owner calls for better security after stolen car ram raid in Christchurch
28:27 Dubai: Gang steals e-cigarettes worth Dh80,000 from unattended vehicle
29:30 Dayton Kentucky BANS Smoking and Vaping in ALL Public Places
NKY city passes ban on smoking, vaping over some objections m/video/2022/09/07/nky-city-passes-ban-smoking-vaping-over-some-objections/
33:00 Upcoming Vape Expo’s
VOOPOO Will Join in Inter-Tabac 2022, See You in Dortmund, Germany
Vaping Expo, exhibitors from half the world arriving at the Padua Fair
VAPEXPO: Opening of the ticket office for the October vape show
37:10 Global 20 Vape Science Advocacy News s2e18 Conclusion


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