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5 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy Rage for April 2nd 2021

This is your Hunky Vape 5 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy Rage for April 2nd 2021.

Hypocrisy is raging in New York. They banned flavored tobacco harm reduction but legalized recreational marijuana. The US PACT Act consequences keep mounting up and the states are now raking in all the taxes they have enacted for vapor products now known as tobacco products. Vaping among U.S. workers up, Alabama House Bill 273 passes in the House and moves to the Senate, ‘HALO’ System May Shut Down Underage Vaping in St. Joseph, Missouri Pilot School, Parma City Council in Ohio limits number of vape shops to 1 per 10,000 residents, British Columbia Canada MLA’s, MP;s and PM needed a raise so now there’s a seven percent provincial tax as well as a carbon tax. Vaping Prohibitionists threaten harm reduction efforts, UK parliament jousts with the WHO’s Anti Vaping Stance, Bans and Prohibition don’t change teens vaping habits, got a study showing WS-23 is safe for vapers, A Job Application for a Postdoctoral Researcher with expertise in Analytical Chemistry and Vaping, and lastly a National Institutes of Health EurekAlert saying 60% of Vapers want to quit!

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00:00 5 on Friday Vaping News Introduction

11:30 Shipping Carriers Prohibiting The Shipment Of Vaping Products Throughout The U.S.

13:48 Legislation will stop online sales of vaping products shipped through the U.S. Postal Service

15:58 Vaping among U.S. workers up slightly: CDC

17:57 ‘HALO’ System May Shut Down Vaping

19:44 Parma City Council passes new legislation limiting vape store businesses

22:13 Alabama House passes bill designed to curb teenage vaping, regulate state’s vape industry

24:07 HB 273: Nicotine, raise the age to buy, possess, or use nicotine products to 21, impose restrictions on marketing of certain nicotine products

36:00 ROLL CALL on Motion to Adopt HB 273 with Follow the Money Links

36:41 New Taxes Take Effect: No April Fool’s joke – British Columbians paying more tax as of today

42:45 Vaping Prohibitionists Threaten Harm Reduction Efforts

46:10 UK Parliamentary Inquiry Challenges WHO’s Anti-Vaping Stance

49:40 E-cigarettes ban may not change HK teens’ vaping habits, says local youth support group

53:17 Study: E-cigarette cooling agent has limited impact on animals

55:25 Postdoctoral research position: Analytical Chemistry of Vaping, Dept of ETOX at UC Davis

57:02 Most US adults who vape want to quit, study finds

1:03:55 HIGHLIGHTED ADVOCACY ORGANIZATION: Tobacco Harm Reduction 101


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