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20 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy for 2021 July 16th

It’s another Hunky Vape 20 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy for 2021 July 16th. This week it’s a world vape news covering US Gupta Drug Czar, Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi Federal Vape Tax, PMI Vectra Sale Under Fire in UK, India Tobacco Diversification, Bloomberg Meddling, Polish Vape Industry and Polexit, Italy Vape News, Egypt Drug Addiction, Convenience Store Industry Panic, Alcohol and Smoking Parkinson Study, World Vapers Alliance and the Asia Harm Reduction Forum, Consumer Choice Center Study, and even the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction 2021… It’s truly a world vape news, science, and advocacy report this week.

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►Vectura’s $1.45B sale to tobacco giant Philip Morris under fire from British business secretary: report
►ITC diversifying tobacco business into manufacturing of nicotine and nicotine salts
►Marlboro maker’s move into medicines could inspire big tobacco rush to diversify
►Big Tobacco Flirts With Non-Smokeable Marijuana
►British American Tobacco Invalidates Philip Morris’ E-Cig IP
►How does exhaled heated tobacco aerosol behave in the air?
►Vaping e-cigarette explodes in Scots man’s pocket leaving him with serious burns
►Bouncer attacked couple who wouldn’t stop vaping in Smokie Mo’s
►Authorized vaping stores, down 127 units in six months
►‘Legal Polexit’: Poland court rules EU measures unconstitutional
►Vaping Facts
►Police investigate as break-ins at local vape shops
►Fighting addiction in Egypt: Dialing a new life
►How Will Tobacco Tax Increases Affect Convenience Stores?
►Study: Alcohol, Tobacco Use May Reduce Parkinson’s Risk
►More Effective E-Cig Regulations Could Save Approximately 200 Million Lives
►Increasing Abuse Against THR Advocates Revealed


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