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Science Summary | Science News for 2021|2

This update on the latest major scientific papers and developments around the globe features studies about ways to detect ETI, the oldest sequenced DNA, climate change mitigation, Mars, life deep below Antarctica, a short geomagnetic reversal & more

These are Wikipedia-based brief reviews for the newest additions to humanity’s stock of scientific knowledge. The video reviews February 2021. Sources below.

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Narration by David W. Draffin


0:00 Intro

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1:19 * Technosignature

2:21 * Planet 9

3:54 Lifeforms

4:35 Ancient DNA

5:24 Mars

6:17 * Interactive lucid dreams

5:57 * Geomagnetic excursion

7:55 COVID-19

Sputnik V

E484K mutation

8:45 Short items

* Distributed quantum computers

* Deaths due to fossil fuel combustion

* Human origins

* Thermoelectric generator

* Mutation


* Global moratorium on synthetic phenomenology

* Atlantic meridional overturning circulation

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Items which I added to the Wikipedia list are marked with a star (*) above.

Studies not featured in the Wikipedia list are not considered for the summary. 13 items in the list were not featured.

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