30+ Free and Paid RSS Feed Readers

If you think RSS feed readers are dead or never mattered, you’re wrong.

An RSS reader is something that makes your life easier by letting you see all of your favorite blogs and news sources in one place.

Once you set up an RSS feed reader, you don’t have to go from blog to blog looking for the latest updates. Instead, all of the updates get compiled in one place. Just like having all of your emails sent to one inbox instead of having a separate email address for each service.

You can find an RSS feed for almost any website. When you’re on a blog post page, look for something similar to the below buttons. Once you’ve found their feed, just copy its link and paste it into the reader, and you’re done. Whenever new blog posts are published, you’ll see and read them right from the RSS reader.

RSS Feed Readers List
Different kinds of RSS feed readers icons

Here, I have created a detailed list of free and paid RSS readers that you might find useful:

Kindly note that the list is in no specific order.

⏳ Last updated: May 2, 2022

While the use and popularity of RSS feed readers have been declining in recent years due to a sudden rise in social media connectivity, these programs will always continue to show loyalty from web users who want streamlined information delivery.

If you ask me, I still use an RSS reader every day to get fresh content from blogs I love.

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