13 Best Place to Sell a Domain Name

Are you aware of the term Domain Flipping? Maybe. Well, the domain is a unique series of characters that refers to the website and, domain flipping is a widespread business in which people register the domain name for a reasonable price and sell it to an interested third party at a higher cost. Sounds interesting, right?

A domain name is one of the precious assets that the internet has today. Making money out of domain flipping is a challenging task, and it requires hard work. But once you know the best place to sell a domain name, you can efficiently turn this business into your primary source of income.

You might be wondering how and why domain flipping started? So, do not think too hard. The answer is simple. When you want to buy any domain name, you might have observed that most domain names are already taken. So, as a result, you have to fix the domain name you are not likely to buy.

So, why set for less? You can have your desired domain name by buying it from the domain proprietor. Now, you have got your answer. Domain flipping works best when you correctly put your eggs in the basket.

In this article, let’s dive deep and unfold the most popular marketplace to put your old or expired domain for auction and start your passive income source journey.

Steps for Selling Your Domain

At this point, let’s discuss the steps to sell your domain, and you will get an overall blueprint about the domain flipping business. Sometimes, the popular domain marketplaces ensure smooth money transfer to the seller and domain to the buyer.

But there are platforms on which you have to take care of everything from commencement to end. The good thing is that actions remain the same.

Have Your Domain Appraised

Before placing a domain for sale, you should estimate your domain on some attributes. The process of evaluating the worth or value of a domain name can consider as Domain Appraised. In addition, many tools offer the feature to enter the domain name and find a premium price.

The following factors can impact the sale price of a domain.

  • The domain name which can build the next brand has a worth value.
  • Length of the domain matters. It says that shorter domain names sold out for a higher cost.
  • Domain with a .com, .net, .org, and .co. also affects the price.
  • Domain names with common words fetch the excellent deal
  • Domain-containing backlinks from other websites can increase the sale price than the unused domain.
  • Older the domain, the higher the price.

Set a Price

After the domain appraised step, you will get a rough idea about the sale price of the domain name. You can set an outlay as per the estimated value and set it based on your profit. Also, make sure, don’t overset the cost of an appraisal.

You have to set accurate domain name prices in the flipping domain business. So don’t settle for too low or too high.

Consequently, you can grab the best deal.

Choose a Marketplace

Now it’s time to market your domain for sale. There are many popular domain marketplaces available to list your aged domains. You might end up choosing multiple domain auction sites, as it can increase the visibility of a domain name. So, spend a little more time analyzing domain auction sites and pick the place to sell a domain name.

Don’t be perplexed if you search for the best place to sell your domain. You will be stunned by glimpsing considerable popular marketplaces; a few of them are –

  • Godaddy Auction
  • BrandBucket

These three are only trailers; many more await you in the upcoming movie.

Create a Landing Page Indicating that Your Domain is for Sale

Selling domain names requires a strategy that will work. Domain name buyers usually forage on the search engines to see the availability of the domain names they would like to purchase. So, building a landing page for your domain displaying your domain name for sale will work as a blessing and can meet you with a prominent buyer.

Have a Safe Payment Setup.

You do not want to be scammed by domain buyers and be in between nowhere. Having a safe payment gives you the guarantee of a secure domain and money transfer.

For this, you can trust domain brokers having their escrow system. This way, your money will not be dragged by tricksters and offers to safeguard your domain until you receive the fund. Security and safety are significant factors while transferring the funds, and an escrow service can guard the transfer of both parties.

Many domain name marketplaces have escrow systems; if not, you can always hire an escrow system outside and make things work. After all, the smooth transfer should be an utmost priority for domain business.

Make the Sale.

It is the second last step and an important one. Once you have got the potential buyer and he is ready to buy the domain, the only action remaining is your approval. Approve the price, make the sale.

Transfer the Domain

Lastly, you have to hand over the domain to the owner. However, the steps vary depending on whether you sell a domain through domain brokers or elsewhere. Also, it involves escrow or not.

For secure domain transfer, make sure you have received your fund, as some broker services keep the fund in the escrow for a particular amount of time. Once you have obtained your money, you are set to domain transfer.

Where can I Sell a Domain Name?

With such an online outbreak, you have several opportunities to sell a domain name online. Many domain brokers are available online to list your domain name for sale or place it for auction; it depends on your choice. The most popular marketplaces where you can find prospective buyers are Flippa, Sedo, Godaddy, and eBay. However, there are many other domain auction sites; accordingly, you can pick any of them per your selling benchmarks.

How Long do Domains Take to Sell?

It does not have a settled answer as it entirely depends upon the marketplace you choose. Also, other points are responsible for the same, like the popularity of your domain name, aged domain, short domain name, and other relevant elements. So, you can sell it as quickly as 72 hours or over one year.

Is Selling Domain Names Profitable?

Every industry or hustle has ups and downs. So, it’s always a wise decision if you start it as a side hustle and check whether buying and selling domains is giving you profit or not. However, many domain vendors claim it is a profitable business, so you can endeavor it yourself and decide.

Can I Sell my Domain on Multiple Sites?

The quick answer to your question is yes, you can! It will help you to sell your domain sooner, but you have to keep your listings up to date to avoid legal actions against you.

Let’s take an example – if you have your domain listed on Godaddy, Efty, and Flippa and someone buys it from Godaddy, you have to update it to rest sites. Otherwise, the client can sue you, and you have to go through unnecessary drama.

Receiving Direct Offers

In the first place, it will look weird, and many will ask how to get direct offers, is possible and all. To all the questions, the answer is yes, sorry to burst your bubble, and no.

Let us clear the scenario. When you decide the name of your business, the first thing you check is its availability. For this, you explore the search engine only to see that it is owned by someone else.

What if you need this domain and want it at any cost? You will contact the domain owner and ask him whether he is interested in selling his domain or not. Ultimately, what you are getting is direct offers.

However, for this, you should have the email address on your contact us page. Most people do not put email addresses or keep the contact us section empty or not all to avoid spam in their inbox. But, to get direct offers, you need to keep at least one email on your website.

Further, don’t make your decision hurriedly. There are a few things that you have to keep note of.

  • Get a written contract in the first place.
  • Do not transfer the domain until you receive the fund.
  • If you found some fishy, don’t make a deal.

Domain Name Marketplaces

Do you own hundreds of domains? Are you searching for the best website to sell domains? Well, you are in the correct spot. While scouring for popular domain marketplaces to sell a domain name, you might have come across thousands of sites. But choosing the best out of them is a tricky task.

However, we will not give you the long and not helpful list and waste your time. Instead, we have included the top #13 popular domain marketplaces simultaneously, legit.

Being a domainholic, you have to watch every trend to get the best return on your domain. Usually, it is 50times more than your actual bought price. So now, let’s get deeper and explore #13 trending marketplaces. Keep reading!

Godaddy Auction

Godaddy Logo
Godaddy is popularly known for its domain and hosting services. However, it is the favorite spot of the domain seller and buyer. The first result is the Godaddy Auction site if you search for the best place to sell your domain.

Globally, it has a fanbase of plus 14 million clients, presently dealing with 63 million domain names. The fascinating thing is, you can list your domain name for auction at a meager cost, $4.99/year.

Image Showing Godaddy Auctions

Well, Godaddy never fails to surprise us with its variety. Godaddy knows every buyer and seller has individual needs; therefore, it has created plans that suit every individual. As per their needs, they can pick the most alluring auction plan.

Types of Auction plans are:

  • Buy it Now
  • Make an offer
  • Expired auctions
  • 7-day public auction

Well, there are many reasons you can not neglect the Godaddy, few of them are:

  • Take the lowest commission fee that you can not get from any other auction site.
  • It monitors the domain on behalf of you and lets you know about domain expiration, new bid, Etc.
  • Offers powerful SEO tools to get deeper into the domain flipping world.
  • Keep you updated with the soon-to-be expired domain.

So, be a game-changer and make the best decision for your domain flipping business; worth your time and efforts. This is the best website to sell domain names.

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13 Best Places To Sell A Domain Name - The Ultimate Guide

Everything is in the name; It is as simple as its name. Prospective buyers always look for easy to navigate and use interfaces for managing their domains. comprehends this entirely and offers a more superficial domain administration zone.

Undoubtedly, is amongst the best domain registrar in the online world. However, what excites us the most is its speedy and precise search tool; it helps you find your preferred domain name within a short span.

Thinking of selling domain names, consider; It gives the right direction to the buyer and seller. People in the flipping business are aware that top-level domains demand colossal money. But offers TLDs at an emulative price and provides good discounts.

With, it is easy to find the premium domains; select the premium domain option from the domain’s dropdown. Here, you can pick your favorable premium domain and purchase it instantly. However, if you find it costly than your budget, will provide more appropriate options.

Probing like this is what you desire? Then, don’t miss this offer!

Flippa Marketplace

Flippa Logo
Want the best website to sell a domain name? Flipps – a hub of businesses can hold your hands. At this moment, it sold 100,000+ businesses.

The fascinating advantage is; it is not limited to domain flipping; there is more to plate. You name it, Flippa has it; Naming a few of them – Shopify stores, affiliate sites, Amazon FBA stores, blogs, eCommerce stores, and whatsit.

The attention-grabbing point here is, Flippa offers a search filter. So, a potential buyer can limit their results accordingly, such as price, age, domain extension, expiring time, and all.

People with less demanded domains can experience difficulty selling domain names. This is because it has already filled with well-established domain names. However, having TLDs will make you stand out in the crowd and give you the deal you desire.

Additionally, the site receives vast traffic every day and has several years of reputation for selling online assets. So, denying the worth of Flippa is a crime.

It has 2,50,000+ potential buyers; So, the domain sale price will be at the next level. Regardless, the success fee varies with the selling price. Check out the below table for a more precise vision:

When you sell between $1m to $5m+ $500k to $1m $1 to $499k Broker partner
Success fees 5% 7.5% 10% 15%

From the buyers’ stance, it offers attractive dealings and domain listing than others. Moreover, the buying experience is secure and up to the mark. As a result, every day, 5000+ new domains (and others) get listed on Flippa.

Sedo Marketplace
Sedo is a platform that offers several options that one can not think and desire to have! It is the largest domain marketplace having more than 2 million clients. Clients can list their domains on Sedo effortlessly, including the premium ones. You can even list the domain name free of cost and only pay the small commission fee when your domain sells out.

The exciting feature is that it allows you to do the domain name research and accordingly bring results. This way, you can get the desired domain name per your targeted keyphrase that will describe your brand fluently. Plus, it gives you the option of exploring the premium domain, or else, you can opt for a domain and website simultaneously.

Services you will get from the Sedo at a competitive price:

  • Broker service
  • Domain appraisals
  • Transfer service
  • Sedo partner programs (additional features)
  • Launch calendar

The excellent news is that Sedo does provide broker services, so if you want someone to deal on your behalf, Sedo would be the proper selection. Getting a broker service gives you a domain registration transfer complimentary gift.

NamePros Forum

Namepros Logo
Are you still asking this question – how to sell a domain name? What about using NamePros Forum? Along with the discussion, you can sell the domain here, as it is a community of around 1 million members; Allowing you to introduce your domain to prospective clients.

When we hear a forum, the first thing that strikes our mind is discussion; a group of people discusses a particular topic. But NamePros is more than a forum site; Offering several services, such as buying & selling domains, requests, daily updates & news, appraisals, and more.

Every service has different sections for easy navigation. Plus, you will find several options here; buy now, auction, bargain, make an offer, to name a few.

Importantly, suppose you have a domain that fits into the definition of the perfect domain. In that case, many prospective clients are waiting on NamePros.

Namecheap marketplace

Namecheap Logo
Do you not have money to invest in the domain auction sites? What about Godaddy’s biggest rivals, “Namecheap”? You can list your domain name free of cost and only have to pay a small commission fee once you sell your domain. Doesn’t sound like an excellent deal?

Website domains for sale – a phrase you will find on every second auction site you open. But, you can not trust everything you see; choose a domain registrar having popularity and reputation in the market. Which is hard to find? But Namecheap is the synonym of vogue and prestige.

Namecheap justifies its name by providing affordable pricing for everyone, along with award-deserving customer support. Plus, it has a domain search tool to explore and purchase the fortunate premium domain.

You might have a question regarding how to recognize premium domains? Well, Namecheap is highlighting premium domains, giving them purple labeling.

Besides, its domain management soothes your eyes and rests on your hands.

Efty Logo
Many thought that buying and selling domains is a troublesome task; Well, those haven’t discovered Sellers can list upto 50 domains only for $12/month and enjoy unlimited features.

Some features that you can not skip are:

  • Beautifully creating sale landing pages
  • Secure payment integrations (like Escrow, PayPal, Etc)
  • Listing your domains free of cost
  • Not asking for a commission when the domain gets sold
  • Creating your marketplace

And many other features are enough to distract you. does not discriminate between buyers and sellers. But, just like sellers, it gives outstanding features to its buyers. Let’s start with its search bar, through which buyers can search for his profitable domain name.

Correspondingly, you can filter the results by selecting extension, category, budget, and domain character length. This way, anyone can find the perfect domain name for their brands or businesses.

Why choose

  • No middle person
  • No commission on sales
  • Secure payments

Not enough reasons, let us give you one more reason. Efty is offering you a free trial for seven days. So, try it first and then decide whether you want to go with it or not. It is the best place to sell a domain name.

eBay Marketplace

Ebay Logo
eBay – a platform where you can sell and buy everything from electronic items to clothes and whatnot. However, to your surprise, eBay also offers space for domain listing to buy and sell the domain. Either you can list it for an auction or at a fixed price.

If you are a buyer, you will not get charged by a platform; You only need to create an account and buy the domain you wish. eBay lets you explore the venue without charging any extra cost.

Being a seller, you can list up to 50 domains at no cost; however, buying an eBay store subscription will be wise if you have 50+ or hundreds of domains. The subscription fee you have to invest in is $19.95/mo, which is reasonable compared to other marketplaces.

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Brandbucket Logo
Brand marketing is a popular term in digital marketing. Everyone wants to create their brand value by selecting the domain name that suits their industry and services.

However, many brand names are already taken, and finding the desired one is thorny. But this is where BrandBucket comes into play. Here, you will find an industry-wise brand that makes your search easier. All the brands all top-level domains, unique, and come with a starter logo to give you a brand idea.

The only problem is that you can not list your domain until the BB team approves it. However, through this, you can get the idea of their systematic and brand approach.

It takes 30% commission on every successful sale, which seems higher than other marketplaces, but it is worth it if you see its brand value. Logo
You might want to rely on a complete domain management service as a seller, but finding such a reliable one is challenging and time-consuming. However, solves your every problem with absolute ease.

You will get many benefits from, such as monetization, brokerage, domain registration, and marketplace. Plus, pay only 10% commission on successful domain selling. Not forget to mention, it provides a free escrow service.

The attention-grabbing thing is, optimized over 20 million domains. Further, it is making $500 million in revenues every year.

Enough reasons to try, Isn’t it?

SnapNames Website

Snapnames Logo
Helpless. The feeling we get when we desire something, but it is already taken. But what if we tell you, ” you can have the thing which is already taken”? Yes, you heard it right! You can have your wished domain name on

SnapNames is always on the hunt for deleted and soon-to-be expired domains, which keeps them always ahead in the business.

It does have a partnership with top domain registrars worldwide and has advanced technology. As a result, they have the latest and momentarily data than the rest marketplaces; due to this, the buyer can have the exact domain name he wants.

The procedure you have to follow is; search for your favorite domain name on its given search bar. Then, if you find your business match, you can purchase it immediately without much hassle.

Moreover, the buyer can place a maximum bid on his desired domain name through its premium domain name auctions.

What’s next in your mind? Using Snap Name to sell a domain name would be a terrific deal.


Afternic Logo
Buying and selling domain is no more hectic job. – the largest reseller network on the web, makes buying and selling domains smooth.

Sell your domain at the highest cost with the afternic marketplace, as the top qualified buyers visit the site. Therefore, your domain flipping business can see better growth.

We can say that is a mixture of top registrars and domain resellers. So, get a premium domain for your business and increase your brand value drastically.


Dnforum Logo
Suppose you are starting in the domain selling and looking for popular marketplaces to market your business. In that case, DNFORUM will be the ideal selection.

DNFORUM is a hub of everything related to the domain, like domain sales, forums, domain registrars, appraisals, and you name it. What makes it different from other platforms is; it offers the latest information every day. This way, you will not miss anything.

It is a platform where you can learn about domain flipping business and clear doubts. Afterward, you have your ways to go.


So, if you are still asking whether the domain selling a business is still alive or not, let us tell you, “yes,” it is alive and always be! You just need an eye to pick the demanding domain and the right marketplace for selling it.

To make your work easier, we have listed popular domain marketplaces where you can list your domain and sell it for a higher price. So, take benefit of this ultimate guide and pick the best domain platform for yourself.

Tell us in the comment section which one you tried?


Where can I sell a domain name fast?

If you expect a Genie to come and sell your domain fast, it will not happen. You have to do your research first and decide which platform is best for you.

Every seller has different requirements, and for this, you need to check every marketplace in detail. First, however, a few platforms worth your attention; Godaddy Auction,, Flippa, Sedo, and Efty.

How much can I sell a domain name for?

Well, you can check your domain’s worth on the appraisal tool and decide its value. There are many tools out there, like the Godaddy Appraisal tool, Sedo, to name a few. However, please do not consider it as the ultimate price. Further, do your research and check whether your domain fits into the criteria of a perfect domain or not. It should end with extensions, like .com, .org, and .gov. Plus, it is easy to understand and short.

Is domain squatting legal?

It entirely depends upon the country you belong to as every country has different laws. For example, if you are from India, there is no law related to it and can not say whether it is legal or illegal as all the cyber things come under Trade Mark Act, 1999. However, other developed countries have strict rules related to it. So, before starting domain squatting, you should go through your country’s law.

Will domain names become valuable?

If you purchase the domain name having short characters and a top extension, the domain’s value will surely increase. Also, aged and branded domains have massive demand in the market. So, your domain’s value can vary between 0 to millions depending on its brand value.

Where can I sell expired domains?

There are several platforms where you can sell your domain and earn a significant amount of money., BrandBucket,, Sedo are a few of them where you can sell your domain at a fair price.

How do expired domains make money?

There are several ways that one can use to make money from expired domains. A few of them are – flipping expired domains on auction or forum sites, selling expired domains on your site, monetizing them with text ads.

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