Get started with Rust. After building hello world let’s build a server. Discover the hidden qualities of this growing language

The Rust programming language has consistently been most loved by developers worldwide. It has a unique mix of type safety, memory safety, and concurrency. Similar to C and C++, Rust does not ship with a runtime for resource management. Rust is compiled language; and has performance that is on par with C/C++. This is one […]


Introducing GitHub Actions Importer | The GitHub Blog

We’re excited to announce a public preview of GitHub Actions Importer, which helps you forecast, plan, and facilitate migrations from your current CI/CD tool to GitHub Actions. Doing individual migrations is relatively easy in isolation. However, for companies that have a large and established CI/CD footprint, having tooling available to assist with migrations is key […]


The changing nature of governmental policies around open source

This is part of our Octoverse 2022 report, which explores the state of open source software, its impact on companies, and key trends shaping software development. Over the past year, open source attracted unprecedented attention from governments and the global policy community. In particular, security events have highlighted the criticality of open source while concerns […]


Everything new from GitHub Universe 2022

Fifteen years ago, the first line of code was committed to build GitHub. Since then, our purpose has been to equip developers with everything they need to be their best. This mission has remained the same through every iteration of the GitHub platform. But as software continues to advance in all aspects of our work […]


Todas as novidades do GitHub Universe 2022

Veja o que estamos construindo para aprimorar a plataforma de desenvolvimento mais integrada e que permite que pessoas desenvolvedoras e empresas impulsionem a inovação com mais facilidade. Quinze anos atrás, estava sendo escrita a primeira linha de código para a construção do GitHub. Desde então, o objetivo tem sido equipar as pessoas desenvolvedoras com tudo […]


How to Track Hours in Google Sheets

When it comes to productivity, Google Sheets is like a Swiss army knife. There is rarely anything that you can’t manage by using Google Sheets. And you can track hours in Google Sheets as well — maybe your working hours as a freelancer, exercising hours, or even sleeping hours. In this post, I will show […]


Advocating for developers to the US Copyright Office

Just like artists, musicians, filmmakers, and photographers, software developers are also important copyright holders. But code differs in important ways from the works of these other copyright creators, and applying the same rules to software often produces unintended consequences. GitHub is committed to representing the interests of developers in policy discussions to ensure that rules […]