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Bypassing OGNL sandboxes for fun and charities – Technology Subset

Overview Object Graph Notation Language (OGNL) is a popular, Java-based, expression language used in popular frameworks and applications, such as Apache Struts and Atlassian Confluence. In the past, OGNL injections led to some serious remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities, such as the Equifax breach, and over the years, protection mechanisms and mitigations against OGNL injections […]

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Setting the foundations for compliance – Technology Subset

While compliance is foundational to delivering software around the world, there may be instances where developers get frustrated with policy enforcement slowing down their workflow. Since compliance is what enables the world’s software to be run across regions and enterprises with different security, data, and privacy requirements and regulations, we at GitHub are well-practiced in […]

Wedding of your Dreams

Walk Down the Aisle ‘in Style’ with Our 2023 Wedding Trends – Wedding of your Dreams

If you’re a recently engaged bride-to-be, one of the most important – and indeed exciting tasks – is choosing the perfect dress for your special day. Luckily, an abundance of new trends are set to come to the fore in 2023, including intricate detailing, lace capes, draped fabrics, voluminous skirts and two in one gowns […]

Actionable Marketing

2023 essential digital marketing tools [Infographic] – Actionable Marketing

Use our updated digital marketing tools infographic to manage how you use marketing technology As marketers today, we’re fortunate to have a huge number of free and low-cost digital marketing tools to give us insight into our customers, competitors, and markets. These strategic digital tools help us to compete to win and retain customers by […]

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Refining the VS Code Flatpak and Toolbox container workflow – Technology Subset

Fix the Git integration within VS Code when working with Toolbox container. Photo by frank mckenna / Unsplash I’ve written earlier about using Toolbox as a development environment along with VS Code installed using Flatpak. Since then I have encountered some problems that you may have come across as well. Primarily, the issue was that […]