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Megyn Kelly Tears Into Keith Olbermann During Heated Segment, Calling Him ‘Terrible Person’

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OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

SiriusXM podcaster Megyn Kelly did not hold back in her criticism of former sportscaster and left-wing MSNBC host Keith Olbermann after he leveled accusations of physical abuse against his former girlfriend at the network, Katy Tur.

During her segment, Kelly, a former Fox News star, ripped Olbermann as a “bitter” and “mean guy” who she believes is also a “terrible person.”

“It just leads him down a lane where he decided to tell about 25 secrets about Katy Tur,” she began during “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Wednesday. “The segment is called something like ‘secrets I said I’d never tell.’ Well, that’s a great name for a segment, but it really makes you a terrible person.”


Olbermann claimed during his podcast that he had to fend off a physical attack from Tur after a medical procedure.

“On January 22, 2017, Katy Tur of MSNBC asked me to write her Trump book for her. She was serious, and there are receipts,” he began, according to Slay News.

“So all of this time, I have remained silent about the nearly three years she and I lived together and the eight years after that I remained her good and loyal friend,” he added.

“I have remained silent even though six days after her emergency appendectomy in 2007, she started punching and slapping me, with real intent to do harm, because the living room wasn’t clean enough in our place. How exactly do you even try to defend yourself against a woman 125 pounds lighter and a foot shorter than you?” he added.

Kelly responded: “I don’t know what’s happened there, but it’s very trainwrecky to watch an ex — both of these people are public figures — to go public with this list of grievances and try to take down a woman who’s clearly moved on, she’s married to somebody else, her career’s fine.

“His career seems, I don’t know… His podcast is very entertaining, I’m sure it’s doing… I don’t know how it’s going. But bitter, bitter, bitter,” she said.

Kmele Foster, an American telecommunications entrepreneur and political commentator who was one of Kelly’s guests, said in response, “There’s something terribly ironic about pushing grievances while insisting that you kept these secrets for a very long time, and you’re chastising her for talking about a medical procedure in public while you’re just airing all of your dirty laundry.”

“I certainly wouldn’t dismiss claims that you’ve been attacked, that there was some sort of domestic violence in your relationship,” Foster continued. “The fact that you carried on a relationship afterward and were very friendly until you decided not to be? This is just really strange. It’s a bizarre sort of way to snap.”

Kelly came back with, “He’s a mean guy. He really is a mean guy.”

Continuing, she noted, “I should temper my criticism because I don’t really know Keith Olbermann at all. I just know that when he makes headlines on Twitter or on his show, nine times out of 10, he’s being absolutely caustic about somebody with whom he was once close.

“It’s one thing to have strong opinions about the news, God bless, that’s what he gets paid to do,” she added. “It’s quite another to be going after people personally with your microphone, people you used to live with, people you used to love. Anyway, the whole thing is awkward.”


Last month, Kelly responded to MSNBC’s firing of Tiffany Cross, whom she declared the “most racist person” on television.


Kelly and her guest, fellow conservative broadcaster Dana Loesch, both honed in on Cross’s frequent anti-white diatribes, while Kelly described Cross as “the most racist person in all of television.”

“I have some good news. I have some good news,” Kelly told Loesch as she returned from a break. “Tiffany Cross, the most racist person in all of television and in particular on MSNBC, just got fired.”

“Pooor Tiffany,” she added mockingly, recounting briefly some of Cross’s past racist speech. “So, joy, oh joy. Tiffany Cross is gone!”

Loesch noted in the full clip that she had to “really think hard and remember who” Cross is before adding that she gets why MSNBC would let her go.

“It’s kind of hard to sell ads on, you know, some Karen screaming about, you know, all of these grievances that she sees everywhere that don’t actually exist, and she doesn’t even have her facts straight on half of it all the time, or any of it all the time,” she said.


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