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Serbia: ‘They want to make us afraid’ – Winery owner outraged as Kosovo authorities seize 42,000 litres of alcohol

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Kosovo customs authorities seized 42,000 litres of unreported alcohol after a raid at a winery in the village of Velika Hoca on Wednesday.

According to Kosovo customs, the wine was produced illegally, as the winery is an unregistered business and not subject to sanitary and hygiene regulations.

However, the winery’s owner, Srdan Petrovic, claimed that the raid was a premeditated attack on Serbs living in Kosovo.

“They were very unkind, very rude, they specifically wanted the confiscation to happen,” he said.

“They want to make us afraid, we are not afraid at all. We weren’t afraid before and aren’t afraid now. We belong here, we were born here and we are staying here,” the winery owner added.

According to reports, customs authorities poured Petrovic’s wine into a storage container and confiscated it from the premises.

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