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Qatar: Sign them up! Freestyle footballers wow the crowds with silky skills in Doha

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Freestyle footballers were on hand to entertain the crowds at Souk Waqif market in the centre of Doha on Monday, as the Qatar World Cup entered its knockout stages.

“It’s an amazing experience,” said champion freestyler and Argentina fan Charly Iancono. “When I start doing freestyles around in Souk Waqif or another places, just in a few seconds you have a lot of people around, so it’s really cool to show my skills.”

Footage shows the troupe showing off their effortless ball control and juggling, with headstands, dribbling and ‘keepie uppies’ all part of the routines.

“I am wearing hijab and cover is a little different I think, because we have some moves with head and their name, call it upper moves, and it’s a little harder with hijab,” explained Iranian performer Hosna Mirhadi.

Both female participants also celebrated the use of an all-women refereeing team at the tournament for the first time.

“I was so happy, super happy about this, that the referee was just women, and it was amazing I “think, and I am standing for female and women rights,” said Mirhadi.

“I think it’s a great message to women, and especially young girls, you know, to understand that if you have a dream, you have to follow that dream,” agreed Laura Biondo, a champion football freestyler, Cirque du Soleil artist and world record holder. “There shouldn’t be anything that limits you to be able to achieve those dreams.”

The World Cup continues on Friday, with quarter final matches between Croatia and Brazil, and Netherlands and Argentina.

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