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Spain: Fans devastated after national team knocked out of World Cup by Morocco

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Spanish fans were disheartened in Barcelona after the national team were knocked out of the World Cup by Morocco on Tuesday.

“Now I am very bad. My team has fallen, how am I going to be? It’s the same as always, too many back passes, we have to play more vertically. It can’t be so much passing and not finishing a play. Little by little now, I’m bad but beautiful years are coming. We have good promise and let’s see what… It’s a hard blow, but I’m always with them. In good and bad. Always Spain”, said one supporter. Another one added “It was a very good team, playing very well. This result hurts.”

The comments came after Morocco defeated Spain 3-1 on penalties in Doha, after neither side managed to score in extra time. Morocco and its supporters across the globe celebrated a historic moment as the team reached the World Cup’s quarter-finals for the first time.

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