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Betting the house: Kerala local paints home yellow and green in support of Brazil’s World Cup campaign

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A resident of Pallimukku, in the city of Kollam (Kerala), has painted his house and vehicles in the colours of the Brazilian flag to celebrate his love for the Selecao Canarinho amid the ongoing football World Cup in Qatar.

Affectionately nicknamed Brazil Sudheer, 45-year-old Sudheer Yousef, has painted his two-storey house, car and motorbike yellow and green. His love of football goes back to the early 1990s when he watched the late Argentine star Diego Maradona in action Roberto Carlos’ famous free-kick goal against France in 1997 made him fall in love with the Brazilian national team.

“Whenever people see the car, they come and take pictures, and selfies and show the victory sign in front of the vehicle,” said Yousef who showcased his Brazil-themed house and vehicles in Kollam on Monday.

Sudheer had to get permission from the Sports Council to modify his vehicle and was allowed to do so for a month, until the end of the World Cup season.

It is not the first time Sudheer, who runs a juice shop, has given his belongings a Brazilian facelift. But it is the first time he has spent so much money to show his passion.

“Football is my life. I am very much attracted to the game that motivates me to do this. My favourite team is Brazil,” said the football fanatic.

While Kerala’s football fans seem to be largely divided between Argentina and Brazil, there are a few who have pledged their support for Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other teams. In cricket-crazy India, Kerala is famous for its love of football and every four years during the FIFA World Cup, fans become innovative in showing their love for their stars and devotion to the beautiful game.

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