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Colorado Democrat Lawmakers Set to Attempt Massive Gun Control Push

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Democrats in the Colorado legislature are eyeing a massive gun control push to include an “assault weapons” ban and changing the state’s red flag law.

The Colorado Sun reported Colorado Senate president Steve Fenberg’s (D-Boulder) observation that “pretty much everything is on the table.”

He indicated the job before Democrats at this moment is simply figuring out which gun controls to pursue first.

Fenberg added, “I’ve always said that I support an assault weapons ban. I don’t think in this day and age it makes sense that people can purchase weapons of war. It’s something (where) we have to make sure the policy is right. I think there’s still ongoing conversations about what the policy would be.”

The gun control push is in response to the November 19, 2022, Club Q shooting, in which five people were killed. The Sun points out that the attacker was “armed with a semiautomatic, AR-15-style rifle.” They omitted that he was also armed with a handgun.

Ironically, the attacker was stopped when an Army veteran took away his handgun and hit him with it.

Breitbart News observed that Richard Fierro, an Army veteran who served four tours of duty, took away the attacker’s handgun, hit the attacker with the gun, then beat the attacker with fists and feet.

9NEWS and KUSA noted that Fierro pinned the attacker to the floor and called on another patron to help in subduing the suspect: “And then I told the guy, move the AR. The kid in front of me, he was at his head. I said, ‘Move the AR. Get the AR away from him.’ And the kid did it. And then I started whaling on this dude. And I’m on top of him. I’m a big dude, man, and this guy was bigger. And I just kept whaling on him.”

Richard Fierro talks during a news conference outside his home about his efforts to subdue the gunman in Saturday’s fatal shooting at Club Q, Monday, Nov. 21, 2022, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Jack Dempsey/AP)

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