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4 Africans Arrested for gang raping A women twice in a Forest

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4 Eritrean men are charged after two serious rapes against a 40-year-old woman in Huddinge at the end of June.

In one case, the woman was raped by all four men in a wooded area and one of the men filmed the abuse, according to the indictment.

All four now risk long prison terms and deportation.

The woman was drunk and, according to the indictment, therefore had difficulty defending herself when she was led out into the forest lot in Flemingsberg. There, one of the men – a 35-year-old man from Sandviken – kicked her on the legs so that she fell to the ground, after which all the perpetrators subjected her to various abuses.

The other suspects are from Huddinge, Vallentuna and Motala. All four men are citizens of Eritrea.

Also exposed to rape

Prosecutor Axel Frick at the Södertörn Prosecutor’s Chamber believes that the crime is serious, among other things because the perpetrators were more than one. He believes that they “showed particular recklessness or brutality” by filming the abuse, and because the woman was in a particularly vulnerable situation.

The woman’s plaintiff’s assistant Karin Rajala does not want to comment on how the woman was affected by the events. According to the prosecution, she suffered physical injuries in the form of pain and bruises.

The 35-year-old man and one of the others, also a 35-year-old man from Huddinge, raped the woman in an elevator at Flemingsberg station during the same day as the assault in the forest lot. In that case, one of the men is said to have called for one of the others and then stood guard outside the elevator during the assault in the elevator.

Request that the men be deported

This crime is also classified as serious and is characterized by “special recklessness or brutality”, according to prosecutor Axel Frick.

– This is serious crime where I have today brought charges for two cases of rape that happened in close proximity to each other, he says.

– I claim that the defendants have taken advantage of their numerical superiority as well as the plaintiff’s intoxication and fear.

The prosecutor requests that all four men be deported, with a ban on returning to Sweden for 15 years.

– When it concerns such a serious crime, as a prosecutor, I must demand deportation. I have started from the practice that exists and the length of the crime’s sentence and have landed on the exact time interval of 15 years, says Axel Frick.

The trial starts on December 5 and is expected to last at least five days.

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