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Spain: ‘This is a disgrace of a country’ – Thousands call for government to resign in Madrid

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An estimated 25,000 protesters gathered in Madrid on Sunday, demanding the Spanish government resign over its handling of the inflation crisis.

Demonstrators were seen waving Spanish flags and holding anti-government signs in Colon Square as they called for left-leaning Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to go.

“I came to the demonstration because we have a corrupt government and we don’t want any more these scoundrels,” said one protester.

“This is a disgrace of a country, they are taking all the money, I don’t know where they are taking it, but they do nothing but lie and lie and steal,” he added.

“I don’t want Spain to end up like Cuba. No to communism! And I am a fighter against communism. No to communism in Spain,” said another.

The protest was organised by the right-wing political party Vox and the ‘Solidarity’ trade union. A similar rally was held in Barcelona last week and drew a crowd of around 300 people.

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