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Kenya: Animals die of starvation in Amboseli national park amid drought *DISTRESSING CONTENT*

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Animals and livestock are dying of starvation in Amboseli National Park in Kenya after a prolonged record drought gripped the region, footage captured on Thursday shows.

On location, various wildlife carcasses could be spotted laying at short distances from one another.

“I have lost 87 goats and 62 cows,” Ntungani Ole, local said and listed various animals who have been affected by the drought.

“The problem we are experiencing here is the severe drought for a long time. It’s been two years since it rained here. It has only rained for the past two days, there is still no grass so we are giving the animals flour (animal feed). We are out of cash now for buying more for the cows,” another local, Temuka Mugesa, added.

Kenya’s worst drought in 40 years has also impacted food production, putting an estimated 4,35 million people at risk of food scarcity.

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