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Serbia: Borrell slams Kosovo’s ‘lack of respect’ for their legal obligations in EU-sponsored talks with Serbia

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European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell spoke Monday in Belgrade after the EU-sponsored talks between Serbia and Kosovo.

“The two parties did not agree on a solution today. I think there is an important responsibility [on both leaders] for the failure of the talks today and for any escalation and violence that might occur on the ground in the following days,” Borrell said.

“I will inform my colleagues, the Foreign Affairs Ministers, and our partners about the behaviour of the different parties and the lack of respect for their international legal obligations – and, I have to say, this goes particularly for Kosovo,” the diplomat added..

The talks between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister of partially recognised Kosovo Albin Kurti were initiated by Brussels due to the latest escalation in the Serb-inhabited northern part of Kosovo, and came ahead of a new deadline for implementing Pristina’s controversial plan to phase-out Serbian license plates, which is firmly opposed by Belgrade.

Pristina has recently tried to implement its license plates plan, which affects some 10,000 drivers in the region, sparking tensions. Under the scheme, the Serbia-issued plates would have to be replaced by Kosovo-issued ones by April 21 of next year.

Earlier this month, scores of ethnic Serbs resigned from governmental jobs in Kosovo after a local police chief was fired by Pristina over his refusal to enforce the license plates plan.

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