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Japanese nursing home ‘hires’ babies to brighten up the days for elderly

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The Moyai Seiyukai nursing home in Kitakyushu has been using some very unique staff members to cheer up the elderly living in the facility – babies under the age of three.

As seen in footage recorded on Saturday, mothers bring their children to play or take walks with the residents and brighten up their days.

Gondo Kimie, the chairman of the nursing home, was the one who came up with the idea. “For the elderly, I think they are very surprising visitors. So, just looking at babies already makes them smile. Some of them even shed tears, and some wheelchair users moved the tires up to the baby by themselves”, Gondo said.

The baby staff gets paid with diapers and milk for their job entertaining the nursing home residents.

In the past years, Japan registered an increasingly aged population, with 29 percent of the residents reportedly above 65 years old, while the number of births is slowing down.

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