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Mar-a-Lago Document Obstruction Probe Putting Trump in ‘Substantial Peril’

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Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway said Friday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that Donald Trump was in “substantial peril” after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith to oversee the probes into the former president.

Guest host John Berman asked, “So, George, what does the appointment of a special counsel tell you about the former president’s legal situation in regard to these two cases?”

Conway said, “Well, he has the right to remain silent. He probably should exercise that right tonight, but he won’t. I think he’s in substantial peril. I’ve thought that he’s been in substantial peril for quite a long time. But I think the fact that Attorney General Garland has appointed a special counsel kind of puts a highlight on that.”

He continued, “It’s not really something you do if you think there is a case somewhere there that might be made. I think what’s driving this much as anything is the fact they have a very, very strong case in Mar-a-Lag documents investigation. We don’t know all the evidence, but the public evidence sure looks like he does not have the defense to the Espionage Act charge or to obstruction charges or even to a potential perjury charge for at least suborning it. So he’s in substantial trouble, and there’s no question that this is not going to help him.”

Conway added, “It’s going to insulate the Justice Department from some degree of political attacks.”

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