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Indonesia: ‘It is getting worse’ – Residents plead for government action as hundreds displaced by flooding

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Homes and streets were flooded in the city of Makassar on the island of Sulawesi after heavy rains caused a river to burst its banks, as seen in footage captured on Saturday.

Locals were seen wading through waist-high water as they carried their belongings to refuge centres.

According to local Ahmad Rais, flooding in Makassar has become a regular concern. He hopes the government will take action to prevent similar catastrophes from happening again.

“I live for years in this area, and starting from 2012 until now, the flood is happening regularly and it is getting worse, So, I hope there is a serious concern both, from national and local government to prevent this from happening again,” he said while standing in his flooded home.

At least 598 people have been displaced by flooding in the Manggala District and Biringkanaya District of Makassar, according to local media.

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