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First Thing I Want to See Is Fauci ‘Squirm’ in Republican House Probe

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Fox News Host Jesse Watters said Thursday on “The Five” that he wants the Republican-led House to investigate outgoing National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci over how he handled the COVID pandemic.

Watters said, “So when they throw these subpoenas down, it’s going to look like a cover-up. I am really proud of the Republicans for throwing down the gauntlet that hard. Now I don’t care if it is a red wave, read trickle, Nancy Pelosi is gone. And very happy about that, and she leaves are really just a vicious legacy from corruption to ObamaCare to all kinds of shenanigans and reckless spending.”

He continued, “The Republicans are going to put a brake on the reckless spending and put it out in front. The first thing we will see is I want to see Fauci hauled in. I want to watch him squirm. I want to see him disclose the royalty he is taking from Big Pharma.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld said, “I think at a minimum we kind of want to return to normalcy, just have a normal border, maybe stop people from stealing so much, that would be kind of nice. Maybe men who think they are women shouldn’t be in women’s sports. These are just small things that we want. I’m going to miss Nancy Pelosi and her unique eyebrows, which seemed plucked from a dying praying mantis.”

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