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Trans Gestapo Ousts Rosie Kay from Rosie Kay Dance Company

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In the United Kingdom, Rosie Kay was forced out of the Rosie Kay Dance Company over her trans heresy.

By the way, it’s not a coincidence that the person blacklisted from the Rosie Kay Company is also named Rosie Kay. Rosie Kay founded the Rosie Kay Company. Now she’s out of her own company for expressing concerns about how the Trans Faith can hurt women’s rights.

It all started when she foolishly invited a bunch of Nazis into her home and then made the mistake of believing they could all enjoy an adult conversation.

In August of 2021, Rosie Kay of the Rosie Kay Company was less than two weeks from premiering a version of Romeo and Juliet. She’d been working with a dance troupe for about a year and decided to invite them over for a dinner party.

Kay says she “cooked lots of different meals for their different dietary needs,” opened her wine collection, and introduced everyone to her family. “At first,” she says, “it was all very nice, as you would expect with a bunch of luvvies.” The guests were young, but she’d worked with them long enough to be comfortable with the idea of unwinding with them late into the night.

Then, about 90 minutes after midnight, it all went sideways when the discussion turned to transsexuals and women’s rights:

[I]t became a discussion around sex and gender and it got quite heated quite quickly. I felt like I was the only one who was actually standing up for women, considering the repercussions of these ideas. And the more I tried to explain why I thought these ideas could be a danger to women’s rights and to children, the worse it got. I was genuinely shocked at how far down the ideological road they had gone.

At first, I thought it would all blow over. But then my board and my management got involved. It just got worse and worse and worse. I went through two separate investigations. I was exonerated by the first one and we did another load of shows. Then one of the dancers appealed and so suddenly expensive lawyers and HR consultants were involved. I then lost complete trust in my management. I got two separate legal opinions and I resigned from my own company, citing constructive dismissal.

“I was also coming at it from the point of view that the trans movement was a cultural phenomenon,” Kay says, and that she “was genuinely interested in the young dancers’ ideas and how they had come to them. That is why I was so shocked by the absolute shutdown I faced.”

Get this…

Through her lawyer, Kay found out her managers thought she “would need to be re-educated.” These fascists discussed sending her to re-education programs such as those offered by something called Mermaids and another something called Gendered Intelligence.

Remember when we were told…

We just want to get married.

Love means love. 

Hey, bigot, how does my marriage affect you?

Now it’s drag queens in public libraries, gay porn and transsexual propaganda in elementary schools, the mutilation of teens for the perfectly natural feeling of not being comfortable in their bodies, re-education camps, blacklists, disgrace, and a woman named Rosie Kay being ex-communicated from the Rosie Kay Company.

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