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Armenia: Daredevil athletes attempt to break Guinness World Record by doing pull-ups from helicopter

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Armenian daredevils from the town of Talin hope to set a new vertigo-induing Guinness World Record after performing more than 30 pull-ups from a helicopter as it hovered three metres from the ground in Yerevan earlier this month.

Footage shows adrenaline junkies Grigor Manukyan and Amazasp Gloyan performing the death-defying stunt in a courtyard of the Dalma Garden Mall shopping centre on November 5.

Athlete Amazasp Gloyan and his mentor and director of the ‘Sports Center of the Heroes of the Hi-Am Foundation’ Roman Sagradyan sat down for an interview at the aforementioned sports venue in Talin on November 9.

Both athletes explained that they have been submitting videos to the Guinness Book of Records commission to have their achievements verified. They say their applications will be reviewed within 12 weeks.

“This is the third record I have sent to the Guinness Book of Records this year. First, we sent pull-ups with a change of hand position, which I performed 30 times. For the second, I pulled myself up 20 times, holding my hands in the reverse grip position and locking my legs at a 90-degree angle. And the third one – I pulled myself up 32 times on the legs of the helicopter,” Gloyan said.

Sagradyan said that his student Gloyan did the pull-ups in the reverse grip position to break the record set by Dutch athlete Stan Brunink, who performed the same exercise 25 times in the same period.

“He (Stan Brunink) also broke my record last year when I performed pull-ups 23 times. And thanks to Amazasp, we returned Armenia to the championship in this record,” Sagradyan added.

The director of the sports centre also said that the athletes performed exercises at a height of three meters in compliance with safety standards.

“The athletes were wearing helmets, there was communication between the athletes and the pilots through headphones. All these safety measures were observed, and, of course, there was a grassy surface on the site. Everything was planned,” Sagradyan explained.

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