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Ann Coulter Shouted Off Stage, Cancels Event After Students Protest

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OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Conservative author, and former supporter of former President Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, had to cancel a speech after the audience shouted her off stage. The Trump critic was set to address an audience at Cornell University on Wednesday night but shouting and threats caused her to end the appearance, Breitbart News reported.

“The event lasted just a little more than 30 minutes, of which Coulter spoke for less than 7,” reported the Cornell Review, a campus news outlet. The Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) hosted the event and seats in the auditorium were reportedly limited to those who had registered online. The event was peppered with security officers determined to guarantee Coulter’s freedom of speech was honored.

Videos taken on the night showed how Coulter, an invited guest at her alma mater, was treated as she sought to offer her opinions. She later left due to repeated, aggressive interruptions.

“We don’t want you to be here, your words are violence. … They are threats, you cannot be speaking here. We don’t want your ideas here! Leave! Leave! Your words are violence! Your words are violence!” one person said.


The protesters “seemed to be employing a chain tactic, beginning just as soon as the last heckler was removed, so as to continuously speak over Coulter,” The Cornell Review said.

“Eight college-age individuals were removed from the auditorium following Cornell protocols. All Cornell students among the disrupters will be referred for conduct violations,” Joel Malina, vice president for University Relations at Cornell, said.

“Cornell apologizes to Ms. Coulter and all members of the audience who hoped to hear her remarks,” he said. “The inappropriate behavior displayed by disrupters does not reflect the university’s values.”

Last year Coulter praised President Joe Biden as she took another swipe at former President Trump.

Days after 13 U.S. Servicemembers were killed near Kabul during a terrorist attack, commentator Ann Coulter took a swipe at Donald Trump and claimed Biden “had the balls to do it,” referring to withdrawing the U.S. from Afghanistan.

“Thank you, President Biden, for keeping a promise Trump made, but then abandoned when he got to office,” she tweeted after Biden’s speech to the nation.

Coulter followed up with another tweet attacking Trump.

“Trump REPEATEDLY demanded that we bring our soldiers home, but only President Biden had the balls to do it,” she wrote, including a screenshot of ” a few of Trump’s wuss, B.S. – I mean ‘masterful’ – tweets,” that she used to make her case.

It didn’t take long for many Twitter users to hit back at Coulter.


Biden’s disastrous handling of the withdrawal has led to many Republican lawmakers calling for him to resign from office.

Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks added his voice to other Republicans who called for Biden’s resignation over his lackluster handling of the situation in Afghanistan.

“Time and time again, President Biden has shown the strength of a marshmallow and the intellectual capacity and judgment of a gnat,” Brooks wrote in a press release. “America, and the free world, simply cannot afford the risks of such a vacuous man in the office of President of the United States.”

“President Joe Biden has proven himself to be a complete and total fiasco. The horror of dead American military personnel giving their lives in defense of a botched Afghanistan withdrawal is Joe Biden’s pinnacle of incompetence,” Brooks continued before demanding his resignation.

Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski joined Brooks in his statement.

“As the president has said repeatedly, the buck stops with him – and I agree. The buck must stop here. President Biden has demonstrated that he is unfit to serve as commander-in-chief, and, therefore, must resign,” she stated in a press release.

Last week, New York Rep. Claudia Tenney and Florida Rep. Byron Donalds demanded Biden resign from office.

“I called for Biden’s resignation the first day this Afghanistan debacle began & it has grown more deadly by the day. Now the Pentagon is confirming a number of US & civilian casualties. I urge my colleagues to join me in calling for the resignation or impeachment of Joe Biden,” Tenney said.

“Earlier this week, I too called on the President of the United States to resign immediately following his haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has abdicated his responsibility and duties entrusted to him as POTUS, and he must RESIGN IMMEDIATELY,” Donalds said in a tweet.

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