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Netherlands: Anti-war rally in Amsterdam gathers hundreds, clashes erupt with counter-demonstration

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Netherlands: Anti-war rally in Amsterdam gathers hundreds, starting clashes with a counterdemonstration

Several hundred demonstrators gathered in Amsterdam’s Dam Square on Sunday to demonstrate against the war and the European Union’s intervention in the conflict.

Some protesters started clashes with counterdemonstrators, who displayed anti-fascist slogans and claimed against the figure of David Icke, invited to the event by the organisation.

The demonstration was controversial from the start Samen voor Nederland (Together for the Netherlands), the organiser group, invited British conspiracy theorist David Icke.

The event was officially cancelled, as Icke was banned from entering Schengen area countries, but some protesters still showed up.

Icke is reportedly accused of Holocaust denial and he is banned from most European countries. After several consultations, the Dutch government decided to ban him from entering the country.

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