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Los Angeles ‘Declined into Pain and Utter Disarray’

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Hollywood A-list star Chris Pratt is urging Los Angeles residents to vote for businessman Rick Caruso for LA mayor against Democrat Karen Bass, citing the city’s “decline into pain and utter disarray.”

“I’ve lived in LA for over 20 years,” Pratt wrote in an Instagram Story. “It’s been great to me. In that time I’ve seen what many residents here have seen, the city’s gradual decline into pain and utter disarray. If you live here, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“I don’t normally support political candidates. But in this election, there too much to lose,” the Guardians of the Galaxy star added. “If you’re an LA voter, I urge you to vote for [Rick Caruso]. He’s a builder. He knows how to get shit done. He’s the guy for our city.”

Caruso, a former president of the Los Angeles Police Commission who is running against Democrat Karen Bass in the midterms, has also been endorsed by Kim Kardashian, pop star Katy Perry, rapper Snoop Dogg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos.

Caruso was reportedly a Republican for over two decades before becoming an independent in 2011, according to government records. The businessman then switched back to Republican in 2016, and then to independent again in 2019. Caruso then became a Democrat shortly before running for Los Angeles mayor.

A crime wave has been sweeping the Democrat-controlled city of Los Angeles over the past few years. The city has been plagued with homicides, violent crimes, and gun violence all rising.

Murders, violent attacks, and home break-ins in Los Angeles have even affected celebrities and their acquaintances.

In September, rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot in L.A. after his girlfriend shared their location on Instagram. Earlier this year, rapper Kodak Black was shot in the leg outside of an after-party hosted by singer Justin Bieber in Los Angeles.

In August, Avengers and Captain America star Frank Grillo slammed the city’s leadership after his boxing trainer, Azuma Bennett, was “shot and killed over nothing.” The actor called on “the powers that be” in Los Angeles to “get off their asses and fix this shit.”

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