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Israel: They ‘have lost their efficiency’ – Tel Aviv residents comment on campaigns ahead of tight elections race

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Residents of Tel Aviv expressed their opinions on parties’ campaigns on Sunday, ahead of Israeli legislative election, which will take place on November 1.

Footage shows Tel Aviv streets full of different parties’ billboards, with party delegates distributing ads for parties’ campaigns in streets.

“It is very bad quality. the election campaigns have lost their efficiency, we are not interested in people talking about things they didn’t do, we need someone to unite the state and not destroy it,” Tel Aviv resident, Avichai said.

“The Likud campaign is pretty good, I would make it harsher- The Likud should emphasize the election between Bibi to Tibi [Ahmad],” Likud supporter, Yori added.

Israel is going to have its fifth election in only four years, as citizens will head to cast their ballots on November 1 to choose their candidates.

The polls have reportedly anticipated 59 or 60 seats for the pro-Netanyahu bloc and nearly 56 or 57 seats for the anti-Netanyahu camp, including 23 or 24 seats for the current Prime Minister Yair Lapid party, Yesh Atid.

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