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Geraldo Rivera Bets Jesse Watters $1,000 GOP Will Not Win Both House, Senate Majorities in Midterms

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Fox News co-host Geraldo Rivera took co-host Jesse Watters up on a $1,000 bet Thursday on “The Five” that Republicans will take the House and Senate in the upcoming midterm elections.

Rivera said, “I believe that this race is an absolute toss-up right now. I think the only numbers that matter are the price of gasoline and the Dow. If gas keeps going down and the Dow keeps going up, I think you’ll have at the very worst for the Democrats a divided government. Republicans favored to win the House the Democrats favored to maintain the Senate.”

Watters said, “I understand the anxiety for Democrats. The way they’re scared is so big that they might not get the House and the Senate back for several cycles. And that means no legislative wins, that means no Supreme Court justice confirmations. They’re looking at a few dark years.”

Rivera said, “If the generic ballot has the GOP at 45.6% and the Democrats at 45.0%, that’s a toss-up right now. I don’t where your confidence comes from.”

Watters said, “It is going to be a wave election and you are going to lose the Senate. I’ll bet you a thousand dollars right now.”

Rivera said, “A thousand dollars?”

Watters said, “Both chambers.”

Rivera said, “Both chambers a thousand dollars you got it!”

Rivera and Watters shook hands.

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