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Italy: Roman tomb dating back to 1st century BC discovered inside Catania garage

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The remains of a Roman tomb, dating from the first century BC, were discovered in a garage in Catania. Experts visited the place for an inspection on Tuesday.

Bones seemingly preserved from Roman burials Roman , something ‘extraordinary’, according to Matteo Iannini, from the association Arci Catania.

“We were shocked, when you open a garage you usually find things to throw away or cars or motorcycles, here instead we were immediately catapulted into a tomb,” said Iannini.

“Around here there are only modern buildings and symbols of modernity. To build them a part of our past was erased, and now we want to rediscover this past and re-appropriate it,” said Elvira Tomarchio, from the Popular Committee Old Corso.

Arci Catania and Popular Committee Old Corso reportedly battled the administration for the founding to be open to the public, since the place of the discovery was under a building owned by the Autonomous Institute for Popular Housing in the Province of Catania.

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