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Jake Tapper Trolled for Saying No ‘Conversation’ for Coronavirus School Closures

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper took a beating on social media for suggesting that no “national conversation” happened over the potential damage that school closures could have on children.

During a segment of CNN Tonight on Friday, Tapper confessed to feeling “surprised” by the fact nobody discussed the lockdown damage on children, even though conservatives were rightly doing that in the early days of the pandemic. Tapper also further called for a “bipartisan movement” to address the educational crisis.

“I have to say I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a national conversation about the damage done to kids because of these school closures and the virtual learning and everything,” he said.

“I’m not saying there should be a national do-over, but we can’t just pretend that fifth-graders who are now seventh-graders that [problems] didn’t happen,” he added.

Conservatives hammered Tapper over the fact that he previously criticized President Trump for pushing school openings.

“Jake Tapper is the king of wanting to have ‘national conversations’ about important issues that hurt Democrats politically two years after he pretended it wasn’t happening,” tweeted Greg Price as he shared a previous post that Tapper wrote in 2020.

“The effort to memory hole their culpability for the mass psychosis behind COVID authoritarianism is a new demonstration of corporate media power and their contempt for the truth,” tweeted Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH).

Mark Trammell, executive director at the Center for American Liberty, said that people like him got “pure hate” from the left for seeking to open schools. Helen Karadsheh Levinson from Moms for Liberty Illinois agreed.


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