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Alabama High School Football Coach Slams Assistant to the Ground After Interference Penalty

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A high school football coach in Alabama has gained national attention after he shoved a volunteer assistant to the ground for drawing a sideline interference penalty.

Jed Kennedy, head coach at Dothan High School, ran up and shoved a man who is reported to be a volunteer assistant after an official threw a flag for interference.

Referees at all levels of football are expected to be given a clear path on the sidelines to pursue plays on the field to allow for proper officiating and prevent injury. When coaches, players, or other personnel working the game interfere with the official’s pursuit path, a penalty is assessed to that sideline.

Dothan City Superintendent Dr. Dennis Coe said the matter is under review and “will be dealt with.”

“Yes, we are aware of the video and are investigating,” Coe said. “The matter will be dealt with.”

Kennedy is in his first year at Dothan.

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