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Spain: French drivers cross border to refuel at Spanish gas stations amid fuel crisis

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French citizens living near the border with Spain decided to refuel at gas stations in the Catalan towns of Bascara and La Jonquera on Wednesday.

Footage shows truck drivers filling the tanks of their vehicles in Spain before entering French territory, fearing that they will not be able to refuel in France due to the lack of diesel.

“We have had to reinforce our team because we are having much more work than before and we are selling more fuel. The bottles to fill with fuel have also run out because people buy them to fill them and be able to take them to France. We have also had to reinforce the staff, as in my case, I come now to help,” said Montse, a gas station worker

“The young people are very angry. I think that the situation of society is deteriorating a lot (in France) and there is a risk,” said Bobo a French citizen from Perpignan.

In addition, French citizens returning from Spain are stocking up on cans of gasoline to take home, due to the strike of refinery workers in France.

Many gas stations in France have shut down temporarily while waiting for supplies, as around 30 percent of France’s gas stations are experiencing temporary shortages, according to local sources.

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