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Sen. Blackburn on China, Bidenflation, the Red Wave

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We are exactly three weeks away from Election Day 2022. Host Alex Marlow opens today’s podcast with an update on the state of play in some of the closest midterm races. He plays audio that shows the stark contrast between the two sides. Just about all the Democrats—from frat boy Tim “Rep. Broseph” Ryan to John “The Bunion” Fetterwoman—all have the same awful ideas. Even former President Barack Obama was heckling the Democrats, another sign that they’re not doing a good job this election cycle. Also in Alex’s monologue: Kanye West can’t stop his Jew-bashing, there’s more evidence that inflation and recession are here to stay, and Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping appears to be seriously considering invading Taiwan. Our guest today is Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R), who talks about the threat of communist China, the irresponsible gain-of-function research, the pain American families are facing due to Bidenflation, and why she believes Republicans are headed for a big win in November.

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