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January 6 Probe Plans Call Back Secret Service Officials

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Representative Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), a member of the January 6 House Select Committee, said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that she is looking forward to Secret Service officials being called back to testify.

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “The Secret Service, for me, in your hearings this week, the Secret Service obviously did not come out looking very good. Do we need an additional special investigation, special inquiry into the actions of the Secret Service not just around January 6, but the decision when the former head of his detail, Mr. Ornato, the former deputy chief of staff? I guess, in short, has the Secret Service become a rogue agency?”

Murphy said, “As a part of our investigation, we’ve looked at all of the law enforcement agencies’ response to January 6, and as you know, we are still going through tens of thousands of documents that the Secret Service have turned over recently.

She added, “I look forward to us calling back in some of those Secret Service officials who have knowledge about what happened and putting them under oath this time now that we have additional information to gather their perspectives.”

On a report from the committee, Murphy said, “You will see a report before the end of the calendar year.”

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