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USA: Climate activists protest against investment in fossil fuels in Washington DC

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Dozens of environmental activists protested in Washington DC on Friday for greener policies and called for a phase-out of fossil fuels.

Footage shows activists marching with banners, and flags, parade floats also could be seen, such as those designed like a tank.

One of the protesters explained, that the rally takes place ‘to send a message to the World Bank and the international monetary fund that we need to cancel all the debt of global South countries’.

“They need to stop funding fossil fuel projects and they need to give reparations to countries of the global South for colonialism and climate change. For decades, these two institutions have been at the hell of global economic order,” he said.

“Wall Street, let’s talk about commercial banks and private equity firms. The world bank gives money to these actors who have been part of the problem for decades and hides that fossil fuel financing under the rug by saying ‘It is not on us, we just gave it to the other entities’,” another protester said.

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