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Germany: ‘It’s we, not just me’ – Voters demand cohesion in Low Saxony election

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Voters showed some dismay as they voted in Lower Saxony’s state elections on Sunday.

Footage features voters expressing low expectations from the election results, as Germany seeds a way out of the energy and inflation crisis.

“The most important problems are of course that gas consumption drops a bit which could lead to problems in winter, but if we all try to do our best, then I think that somehow it will work out. Cohesion is important,” said Hoffmann, a voter from Hannover.

“When everyone appears on the street now, and it’s always just me calling me, then it won’t work, because it’s just we, not just me”, he added.

With a participation of 60 per cent of the total number of voters, the election consolidates the SPD as the main political force of the state. It also aggravates the political crisis, due to the decline of supporters, between the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the liberals (FDP). The latter did not obtain the minimum vote to receive a seat in the state parliament.

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