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Food for thought! Japanese restaurants serve up noodles inscribed with Buddhist verse

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Restaurants in Kanzantei , Gunma Prefecture are giving diners food for thought, cooking up noodles inscribed with famous Buddhist scripture, as seen on Friday.

The dish of wide, specially printed udon pasta is dubbed ‘hoto’, meaning ‘heart sutra’, after the well-known verse.

“The Heart Sutra, which is written on this noodle, describes the so-called basic ideas at the heart of Buddhism. The content is very bright and gentle. It is a very good content,” said Masashi Sunaga, CEO of manufacturer Nittanosho.

“We use bamboo charcoal in writing. It is very good for your health because we use bamboo charcoal. It is a medicinal herb,” he continued.

The scripture itself, on the subject of ’emptiness’, appears to be perfect for a meal to nourish both the body and the mind. ‘Hoto’ noodles have previously only been available by mail-order, but thanks to their popularity, are on across the region. They cost around 1,650 yen (12 EUR).

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