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Police Force That Defended Convicted Pedophile Against ‘Hateful’ Comments Enforces Gender Neutral Warrant Cards

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The same police force in the UK that defended a convicted pedophile against “hateful” Twitter comments also enforces ‘gender neutral’ warrant cards and claims stores labeling sanitary products “feminine care” is transphobic, it has been revealed.

Earlier this week, Sussex Police caused controversy by threatening people who had the temerity to ‘misgender’ Sally Ann Dixon, a transgender who was a man when he sexually abused seven children.

“Sussex Police do not tolerate any hateful comments towards their gender identity regardless of crimes committed,” the police force tweeted in response to comments asking if the pedophile would be sent to a women’s prison or if the crime was recorded as having been committed by a woman.

The police force later had to apologize for the tweet after they were admonished by Home Secretary Suella Braverman to, “Focus on catching criminals not policing pronouns.”

It has now been revealed that the same police force eliminated the use of warrant cards used to determine the gender of their own officers.

“Sussex Police scrapped warrant cards that identified male officers with the letters A or C and female officers with B or D in November last year. The move prompted complaints that it would make it harder to find a female officer to carry out duties only a woman could do – such as searching a female suspect,” reports the Telegraph.

The same police force also faced ridicule in 2017 when one of their sergeants took to Twitter to warn high street stores that putting “feminine care” signs on women’s sanitary products was transphobic and breached gender equality rules.

Following the backlash over defending the convicted pedophile, Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, contacted Jo Shiner, Sussex’s chief constable, to tell her that police “had somewhat lost the plot” in expressing views “that appeared to ignore or demean the experiences of the victims in this case.”

“Police… must balance their communications so that they don’t appear to be prioritising the hurt feelings of criminals over the trauma and heartache of victims and their families,” wrote Bourne.

As we highlight in the video below, while police are keen on defending convicted child molesters against mean tweets, they’re not so pleasant towards ordinary citizens who use naughty words.



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