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Iraq: Building collapses in Baghdad, leaving people under rubble

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A four-storey building in Baghdad’s Karrada neighbourhood collapsed on Saturday, Civil Defence officers rescued 13 and is still searching for survivors.

Footage shows Civil Defence rescue teams with heavy machinery searching for survivors at the site of the collapsed building.

“We managed to rescue 13 out of 17 to 18 people trapped under the rubble,” said Major General Kazem Bohan, head of the Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior.

“At first we saw a huge cloud of dust, but when we got close we found something like an explosion. We rescued about 10 people including four-five women and two elderly men. There are still many other people under the rubble.”

A man whose wife was inside the building when it collapsed said: “My wife came here to take her chemo. Who is in charge of this building? I will stay here until the last day of my life just to find out who is in charge and who the staff working here. I swear I will do it even if it costs me my life”.

Rescue operations are still going on, according to the Civil Defence in Baghdad.

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