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State of Palestine: At least four killed, 44 injured in Israeli raid on Jenin – Health Ministry

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At least four Palestinians were killed and 44 injured in an Israeli military raid on the Jenin camp in the West Bank on Wednesday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

“Enough blood, this is not for the benefit of the occupation and not for the benefit of anyone. We are oppressed people and we have rights, we are human beings and we have rights,” said one eyewitness, Ahmed Jaradat.

Israeli forces said the target was a house where they intended to arrest two men suspected of involvement in recent shootings.

Both sides reported that one of the dead was Abd al-Rahman Hazem, whose brother carried out a Tel Aviv attack in April, which left three Israelis dead. Palestinian media said that the house belonged to Hazem’s father Fathi.

The other three killed were identified by Palestinian officials as Mohammad Alouna, Ahmad Nazmi Alawneh and Muhammad Abu Na’aseh. Many of the injured remain in a critical condition, and are receiving treatment in Jenin hospitals.

Wednesday’s West Bank raid is one of the deadliest this year, with over 100 Palestinians killed in a series of similar operations.

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