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Commuter Angrily Confronts Couple Allegedly Having Sex in Back of Bus

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A couple’s alleged sex act in the back of a bus was interrupted by a commuter who was disgusted by what he saw.

The wild scene was captured on video on a suburban bus route in Melbourne, Australia, according to news.com.au.

The footage begins with one of the passengers scolding the two strangers who were apparently having sex on the bus.

“Listen brother, you don’t f**k on the bus, mate,” yelled the commuter filming from the front of the bus.

One of the strangers engaged in the alleged sex act tries to gain sympathy by claiming he has autism. But the angry commuter has none of it.

“I don’t care if you are f**king homeless, don’t f**k on the bus, c**t,” he said. “I don’t care if you got autism. It doesn’t mean f**k on the bus.”

The man filming then suggests the couple take their friskiness somewhere else.

“Get the f**k off, and go f**k in the park or something,” he pleaded. “Have some f**king respect for yourselves.”

Other passengers can be seen trying to ignore the awkward moment while the two parties profanely yell back and forth.

The clip was shared on Facebook by Nafyin Armstrong on September 9 and has since been viewed over 712,000 times.

Some Facebook users were also not amused by the couple’s actions on the bus, per the comments.

“There’s a time [and] place, don’t blame him complaining, nobody wants to see that there are kids that probably on that bus as well,” one user wrote.

One user, who claimed to have autism, was not impressed by the one stranger’s excuse.

“I have autism and I would never do such a thing, nor would any other autistic person I know,” the user said.

Other users commenting found the event hilarious.

“Don’t f*k in the bus bro got me deadass laughing,” another user said.

In the state of Victoria – where the scene occurred – an individual convicted of willful or obscene exposure can face up to two years in prison, news.com.au.

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